Please call us if you are unclear about any of our policies

At Maritime Minis we take our policies very seriously, below you will find a selection of specific policies, if you would like to download all our policies in one go please click the "Download all Policies" link.

  • Admissions

    To ensure fair and transparent allocation of nursery places we have an admission policy to manage all applications. 

  • Behaviour Management

    We believe in the importance of positive behaviour strategies to enable all children to learn and develop in a supportive and enbaling enviornment. 


  • Complaints

    We aim to provide an excellent service to all families. In the event of a family wishing to make a complaint or raise a concern, our complaints procedure provides a platform for open and honest dialog. 


  • Equality and Inclusion

    We are committed to providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all team, children and families according to their individual needs. 


  • Curriculum

    We support all children to reach their potential,learning and developing at their own rate, by following the Early Years Foundation Stage, supported by Development Matters. 


  • SEND

    We provide an inclusive enviorment where each child is supported to thrive. Children with special educational needs or disabilities will have personalised tailored support, in partnership with relevant outside agencies.


  • Medication and Illness

    Our children's health and welfare is paramount. To enable us to promote good health and reduce the risk of cross infection we will follow the public health authority guidelines. 

It would give us great pride to show you around our nursery and spend time getting to know you and your family.